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Introducing iGPR™ Patient Online Toolkit

iGPR Patient Online toolkit enables practices to screen patient records ready for online access.

Niche Health and NHS England’s Patient Online team have worked together to develop and successfully pilot a medical record screening tool - iGPR Patient Online toolkit.

iGPR Patient Online toolkit enables practices to screen patient records ready for online access to dramatically reduce this workload.

The solution screens records for an NHS England approved, extensive list of third party and sensitive information in both coded entries, free-text and attachments.

Sitting within the current iGPR software, the Patient Online toolkit report can be switched on ready for use immediately.

As you will no doubt be aware, The BMA and NHS England have made a joint commitment to encourage practices to register a minimum of 10% of their patients for at least one online service by 31 March 2017.

Many practices are already using iGPR to complete their electronic insurance reports. To enable the Patient Online Toolkit feature in the software there is an annual charge of £350 + VAT per practice.

Practices can be remotely switched on individually, or as a CCG and those practices who do not currently have the iGPR software can be easily installed by the team at Niche Health.

For more information or to discuss group discount on this solution, please contact our friendly iGPR team on 01527 570 005.

We are also running regular Patient Online webinars which are free to attend and offer a demonstration of the function and a Q&A for you to have any questions answered. To join one, please click the button below to register:

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